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1 Day Private Phillip Island Wildlife Tour

Melbourne VIC, Australia

8 hours

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A Phillip Island private tour journey is one packed full of stunning coastal walks, Australian wildlife encounters and the world famous Phillip Island Penguin Parade. Your journey follows the rolling farmlands which open up to the stunning Gippsland region. Once we cross the bridge to Phillip Island we make a visit to the protected Koala Conservation Centre and walk the treetop boardwalks alongside koalas living in their natural habitat. There will be chances to see baby koalas being carried by their mothers (seasonal) and Rangers on hand to give their insight into the Centre’s role in the protection of Australia’s most adorable creature.

We continue our journey to rugged coastline and breathtaking scenery of The Nobbies. The photography here is outstanding and you’ll be taken to the most scenic points on the boardwalks for some thrilling views. The area is also a breeding ground for Ocean Gulls, countless wild Wallabies and of course penguins. (you may even get a sighting of one before we reach the Penguin Parade)

We take an incredible coastal road to arrive at the evening highlight- The Penguin Parade. There are few wildlife attractions in Australia that are as moving as the Penguin Parade. Every night, 30 minutes after the sun drops below the horizon, the world’s smallest penguins return from a full day of fishing and return to their burrows via the natural dunes.

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What You Will Love

  • Koala Conservation Centre
  • Summerlands Beaches
  • Nobbies Board Walk
  • Wild Wallabies Safari
  • Penguins Plus viewing area included
  • Your own Private Guide

Visit the Koala Conservation Centre

Escape into the enchanting world of Australia's treasured koalas at the Koala Conservation Reserve on Phillip Island - a once-in-a-lifetime experience that awaits you on an exclusive private tour!

Imagine stepping foot into a sanctuary where lush natural habitats and eucalyptus-scented air welcome you into the heart of nature's guardians. With your expert private tour guide, embark on a soul-enriching adventure like no other, filled with excitement and discovery.

Get ready to witness these adorable marsupials in their natural habitat, lounging lazily on eucalyptus branches or cradling their tiny joeys in their arms. Your guide's passion and knowledge will take you on a fascinating journey into the lives of these iconic creatures, sharing their unique personalities and social structures.

But the experience doesn't end there! The reserve's rich biodiversity will leave you awe-inspired, as you encounter colourful parrots, curious wallabies, and other captivating wildlife, all harmoniously thriving in this protected haven.

Stroll along the Nobbies Boardwalk

Picture yourself strolling along a wooden path, built above the clifftops of the vast expanse of the ocean stretching beyond the horizon. With your knowledgeable private tour guide by your side, you'll uncover hidden gems and fascinating stories about the island's rich history and unique ecosystem.

Encounter the incredible wildlife that thrives in this natural paradise. Watch graceful seabirds soar overhead and playful seals frolic in the crystal-clear waters below. Your guide's passion for conservation will ignite a sense of responsibility within you to protect these majestic creatures and their precious habitats.

Prepare to be mesmerised as you find yourself in moments of quiet reflection, with the crashing waves creating a soothing symphony in the background. You'll find beauty in every twist and turn of your journey.

Throughout your time together, your guide will share inspiring personal anecdotes, revealing the transformative power of nature. Their stories will ignite a desire within you to embrace your own journey with authenticity and courage.

Your time at Nobbies Boardwalk with your private tour guide will leave you with cherished memories, a renewed sense of purpose, and a deep connection to the natural world.

Phillip Island Penguin Parade: Penguins Plus viewing area

Imagine standing on the pristine shores of Phillip Island, surrounded by breathtaking coastal beauty, as the sun begins to set. As the sky paints a stunning canvas of vibrant colours, you'll find yourself immersed in a world of wonder and anticipation.

To make this adventure even more special, you'll have your very own private tour guide. A passionate expert who knows the ins and outs of the island's incredible wildlife and conservation efforts. They will open your eyes to the enchanting world of the little penguins - the smallest and cutest penguins you'll ever lay eyes on!

As the day slowly turns to twilight, you'll take your place at the Penguins Plus viewing area, nestled amidst the dunes. The excitement in the air is palpable, and you can feel your heart race with anticipation.

As darkness descends, a magical procession begins. One by one, a group of adorable little penguins emerges from the waves, sprinting across the beach before waddling gracefully towards their sand dune burrows. It's a heartwarming sight, one that will leave you utterly mesmerised.

With your knowledgeable guide by your side, you'll learn fascinating facts about these resilient creatures - from their nesting habits to the challenges they face in the wild. But most importantly, you'll witness firsthand the dedication and commitment of the Phillip Island community to protect these penguins and their natural habitat.

Prepare to be moved and inspired by the unity and determination of these little wonders, as they navigate the beach and make their way home. It's an experience that will leave an indelible mark on your soul, sparking a deep connection with the natural world and its delicate balance.

  • Local Guide
  • Private Transport
  • Penguins Plus viewing area included
  • Additional Drinks
  • Meals
  • Optional Guided Ranger Tour

Full day (7+ hours)


Tour's Location

Melbourne VIC, Australia


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Very Good

Private tour of Phillip Island

Spent the day with Simon exploring beautiful Brighton Beach and Phillip Island. We were able to visit the Koala Conservation Centre on Phillip Island for viewing koalas and wallabies, then onto the Penguin Parade which was amazing. Such a wonderful experience. Simon was a fantastic guide, very knowledgeable, and we enjoyed great conversation. Highly recommend!!
Sheryl B

Magical Fairy Penguins

What an experience - something to remember forever! We booked with Simon for a private trip to Phillips Island to see the fairy penguin parade. Shane was a safe, informative driver, the vehicle was clean and comfortable. He was extremely attentive to our comfort and needs. He took the time to stop and spot animals to show us as much widlife as possible. We walked through a koala refuge and he helped us spot them in the trees. We got great at spotting active fairy penguin burrows by the poop leading up to them! Sean spent the time to share his knowledge of these amazing birds and by the time we had our ranger led tour - we were nearly experts. The ritual of the nightly trek is fascinating and something not to be missed! We could not have been more pleased with The Private Tour Guide and Shane. Thanks for a truly memorable day.
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