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1 Day Private Mornington Peninsula Tour

Melbourne VIC, Australia
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A Mornington Peninsula tour has more to offer than any other region in Australia. Only one hour south of Melbourne it’s also one of the most accessible from the city. It’s no secret the Mornington Peninsula is renowned for it’s wine & fine food. But it’s not only reason people are drawn to this wonderful place.

Stunning coastlines lined with the famous colourful bathing boxes, national parks as well as incredible wildlife experiences. Swim with dolphins, cruise with seals and see wild kangaroos. Why not indulge and rejuvenate your soul at the world class Peninsula Hot Springs. Hence the Mornington Peninsula has been featured in National Geographic’s top 20 places in the world to visit. Join our private Mornington Peninsula tour to find our why.

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What You Will Love

  • Mornington Peninsula Colourful Bathing Boxes
  • Arthurs Seat Chairlift "Eagle Skylift"
  • Strawberry Picking NOV - APR
  • Cherry Picking OCT - DEC
  • Winery Experience: Wine Tasting & Lunch
  • Cheese Dairy
  • Lavender Farm
  • *Peninsula Hot Springs Spa Packages
  • Sorrento Village
  • Mornington Peninsula Surf Beaches
  • Wild Kangaroo Sightings (Guaranteed)
  • Your Private Guide - Simon Greenland


Have you ever wished for a day where every moment unveils a new wonder, where nature's artistry and cultural vibrancy come together in a symphony of experiences? The Mornington Peninsula, guided by the unparalleled expertise of Simon Greenland, promises just that.

Begin your journey with the iconic Mornington Peninsula Colourful Bathing Boxes. With each box painted in hues that pop against the cerulean sea, you'll be immersed in tales of their unique histories, each holding its own secret.

Elevate your spirits literally at the 'Eagle Skylift' above Arthurs Seat. Float above the treetops, basking in panoramic views of the sprawling peninsula, a sight that words hardly do justice to.

And if the joy of nature is in its simplest offerings, indulge in the pleasure of hand-picking sun-kissed strawberries and cherries, depending on the season. With every berry plucked, you'll feel nature's generosity.

But no journey is complete without indulgence. At our exquisite local winery, you'll be ensconced in the world of Mornington’s finest wines. Paired with a lunch that celebrates the peninsula's gastronomic excellence, it's an experience that tantalises all senses.

The magic doesn’t stop there. Wander through a local Cheese Dairy, letting the rich textures and flavours of the artisanal cheeses transport you. Next, find solace in the calming embrace of the Lavender Farm, its purple expanses painting a dreamscape before you.

Ready for rejuvenation? The Peninsula Hot Springs Spa awaits, offering spa packages that will breathe new life into you. And as you emerge, let the charming alleys of Sorrento Village whisper tales of history and heritage.

Feel the thrill of the Mornington Peninsula's Surf Beaches, where golden sands meet powerful waves, beckoning you for an unforgettable adventure. And as the golden hour approaches, find yourself in the company of wild kangaroos, a sight that promises pure awe.

Every corner turned is a new story, every sight a memory etched forever. Don't just visit Mornington Peninsula. Experience it. Embrace it. Book your journey of a lifetime now. Because some adventures are too beautiful to be missed.

  • Local Guide
  • Private Transport
  • Lunch - Casual dining experience
  • Glass of wine with Lunch
  • Additional Drinks
  • Produce Picking Fees
  • Entrance Fees (To be advised)

Full day (7+ hours)


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Melbourne VIC, Australia


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