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melbourne private tours.

The vision of The Private Tour Guide is to allow YOU, the traveller to be in charge of your own itinerary. 

This style of travelling is becoming more and more popular as people search for better and more practical ways to tour…and it is very affordable.

Our Private Tour Guides know all the iconic ( as well as many hidden secrets ) throughout the cities of Melbourne, Sydney and Hobart. Rather than having your itinerary fixed, The Private Tour Guide will work with you during the day to tailor the itinerary exactly for you by giving options and costs along the way.

Some examples of why this tour option works best:


  • The Great Ocean Road can be a very long day and some people care only for the main highlights and wish to return to Melbourne earlier, therefore booking The Private Tour Guide in this way will allow you the control of choosing where to stop and being back in Melbourne much earlier.

  •  Wine Touring on a fixed itinerary can sometimes be against the wishes of the traveller. People’s tolerance for tasting so much wine changes from person to person and having the freedom to slow down (or speed up…) is a great reason to tour with  ‘Private Guiding’.

  •  Extended touring can be the best way to travel in a country like Australia with such vast distances to cover. The possibility to link all the fantastic regions together over a number of days and staying in country towns can be a real highlight of your travelling experiences. By booking the ‘Private Guiding’ option we can help tailor an unforgettable multi-day journey without having any fixed itineraries.

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